Monday, February 21

Valentine's Day Pillow Fight

Doug and I have the flu. We are both fevery and achy and can't stop coughing. He actually got it Saturday night so we went to the doctor yesterday, and then I woke up with it times!

Anyways, last Sunday Doug and I went to Atlanta's 1st Annual Pillow Fight. It was actually created by my good friend's brother, and we knew that it would be a good time. It was at Centennial Olympic Park and it was hilarious...but sadly it was cut short by some silly security guards. Without further adieu, here it is!



Ruth said... Best Blogger Tips

The pillow fight looks like fun.

I hope you both feel better soon.

Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

Feel better!

Public pillow fight?! Count me in.

Cait said... Best Blogger Tips

aww pillow fights?! that's awesome! what a great post! love your blog! feel better!

Molly said... Best Blogger Tips

Pillow fight in atl?! awesome!

I entered your Target giftcard giveaway and didn't really introduce myself!

I came over from Ashley's blog. She went to Auburn and has a horse, so I clicked with her blog. Then I read about this giveaway, followed your blog and now I was just reading over the last few posts... figured out you went to UGA and live in North GA. I love meeting people from GA on blogger!

I live about 30 min away from Macon on a farm with all my horses and family. I'm sure we have friends in common since many of my friends went to UGA!

Just thought I'd say hi! Can't wait to read up on your blog!! :)

Lay said... Best Blogger Tips

That has got to be the most random thing ever and I love it!

Love your blog BTW!

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