Monday, February 28

The Oscars

I'm sure that all of you are tired of hearing me complain, so let's move on to something a lot more fun, shall we?

I was so excited to watch the Oscars last night. Because of my slight severe obsession with celebrities, I just can't get enough of awards season. And, of course, I loooove looking at all of the beautiful actors dresses. :)

My favorites
This was my favorite dress of the night. I thought Mila looked simply perfect. I'm normally not a huge purple fan, but she rocked this lavender.  

I looooove Anne's red carpet dress.

Halle Berry looks stunning as always. I'm not totally in love with the bottom of the dress, but she can somehow pull it off.

It seems as though everyone either loves or hates this dress, but I thought Gwenyth looked incredible!

Hailee Steinfeld is so adorable!!! She couldn't have looked better last night. Not to mention, she also designed this dress!?

I love Natalie Portman. I was not a fan of her SAG Awards dress, but I thought this gown was lovely on her baby bump.

And, my favorite person ever. She is just. so. cute!
Reese Witherspoon Giorgio Armani 2011 Academy Awards Oscars red carpet dress best dressed

Now for the not so good...

Oh, Nicole! What did you do! You are so elegant and classy, yet you chose this awful thing that makes your hips look huge. Sad day for you.

This is just weird.

And I know people love this dress, and I do love parts of it, but I'm just not a big fan of the 'framing of the chest'

Melissa Leo annoys me to no end. Her speech was annoying. And she stole Kirk Douglas's cane! I'm pretty sure he needed that!

And finally, James Franco. He annoys me, too. He seemed high, and very aloof. It bothered me. Not a fan! I don't think he had anything to offer as a host, and poor Anne Hathaway seemed like she felt that she had to overcompensate for him. I like her and overall, I think she did a good job, but she was just a little too goofy for me...

I want Hugh Jackman back!



Legally Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips

Arrggghhh. The Oscars. I had such high hopes, but was disappointed. Franco looked so unenthused to be there, and he was HOSTING THE OSCARS!!! So exciting! Ugh.

I love Hailee Steinfeld. She is such a cutie pie. Also, Nicole Kidman looked awful, per the usual. Who do think wears more hair product - her or Keith? :)

I could write forever, but only half an hour until The Bachelor, and I still have homework! haha.

Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree with everything you said. Mila was my favorite of the night and I sorta went off on Melissa Leo in my blog...haha! Oops.

I love James Franco, but last night's hosting job was...not good.

Don't you think Nicole Kidman looked like a seashell?

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Good morning from Tokyo!

Obviously we weren't able to catch the Oscars, but I was able to keep up with the red carpet and the fashion.

I think two of my favorites not on your list would be Mandy Moore (breathtaking neutrals!!) and Sandra Bullock's bold and simple red gown.

I completely agree with your "bad" list, but also need to add Scarlett Johansson. The cut of the gown was perfect, but the color just washed her out.

Was Franco really that bad? I've heard he was completely lackluster but can't find any videos yet. Poor Anne! I bet she had to overcompensate for his poor performance.

A lovely day to you and yours...



Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Reese and Natalie were my favs!!!

James Franco looked like he thought hosting the Oscar's was no big deal...he was pretty bad!!!

Enjoyed your post!

~Romantic Savy

Brandi Nell said... Best Blogger Tips

I didn't like J Franco at all either! AND you and I have the exact same taste. Loved all the ones you loved, HATED the ones you didn't like! HA!

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