Wednesday, February 23

Bacon Fever

Day 3 of the flu for me, Day 4 for Doug.

(Get ready for some major complaining...)

We found out, I can't remember when, the days are all running together now, that one of Doug's co-workers has the swine we're thinking that's where we got this from. Doug calls it Bacon Fever.

It is I couldn't move/get out of bed yesterday until late afternoon when I finally threw up. (Sorry this is so disgusting) I had been nauseous for hours and I did feel better once I finally did it. My fever was up to 104 all day yesterday, which scared us a lot. We called the doctor to see if we should go to the hospital but apparently that's what he expected to happen....thanks for letting me know, Doc! I was feeling so terrible yesterday that I didn't even want my computer...that shocked Doug. I am a computer-holic. He said he would come in the room and I would just be staring at the wall....for hours...this is definitely the sickest I have ever been.

And today, I woke up with no voice! I can whisper, but when I do, I have this violent little cough that I can't seem to stop. My fever is down today between 100-101 and it's the best I've felt since Sunday.

Poor Doug isn't feeling so great today. He's really dizzy so he's sleeping right now. Luckily, his fever is down.

Needless to say, we will both be getting the flu shot next year!


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