Tuesday, February 8

Mr. Squirrel

First, I wanted to tell y'all how much I love all of my blog friends! Y'all seriously made my day yesterday with all of the sweet comments about our apartment. So thank you! I really love blogging and especially the friendships I have made through it. It may seem silly to those outside of the "blog world," but I don't think you can really understand it until you experience it...I know I didn't! So, to celebrate my 100th post coming up, I want to do a little giveaway! More details to come...

I also decided to buy my own domain for the blog. So you can now just go to http://www.thesmittenmintons.com/ to read about our life! It's still in the transition period (and some of the apps on the side bars are a little messed up) but it should be good to go in a few days. It will also redirect traffic if you go to the old link. I just thought it was so cool to have your own domain for only $10! Haha I couldn't resist!

In other news...
We have a new friend. Meet Mr. Squirrel:


We put out pieces of bread for him, and Pep we just watch him for hours outside the window.

Pep usually just sits there and shakes his tail. But one time, Mr. Squirrel was really close to the window and Pep decided to SMACK the window with his paw. It scared Mr. Squirrel, but he realized that Pep couldn't get to him, so he just kept on eating, taunting my little Pep!

Also, notice how my cute little baby sits. Yes, he sits lopsided. He has always done this and I just find it hilarious. Normally, cats have perfect posture but Pep is a slumper. Oh how I love him!

So this is what we do on Saturdays. Doug puts a bunch of bread crumbs on the patio and the 3 of us wait for squirrels to come eat it. What an exciting life we live! :) But I wouldn't change it for anything. Those lazy days with Doug and Pep are my favorite. And now we have added a bird feeder....WHOA! That's a lot of excitement in one day! :) 


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