Tuesday, March 1

DIY Camera Purse

I made this over 2 months ago but was waiting to post it until I could also make the strap cover! But that might not happen any time soon, so here it is!

I wanted a cute camera bag that could also double as a purse, so I wouldn't have to lug around both. I made this during my recovery from surgery, so I wasn't as detailed oriented as I usually would be, but I'm very happy with the way it turned out!

multi-pocketed purse
glue gun

I got this purse from Target for $20.

The purse has two dividers inside, so it has 3 large sections. I chose pretty thick foam (I think 1/2") which makes it a little more bulky, but I'm glad I did so I know my camera is safe!

I measured the 4 "walls" and the bottom of the middle section and cut the foam to size. Then, I wrapped the foam in fabric and sealed it with hot glue. I placed the foam one by one and hot glued them to the dividers inside the purse.

Then, I did the same thing to make dividers. I chose to only glue these in at the bottom, so they are a little more flexible if I need them to be, but you don't have to do that.

I love how it turned out! It's so easy to carry and can hold so much stuff!

I plan on making a camera strap cover with the same fabric, but I'm still upset with my sewing machine from the whole curtain fiasco. So once I get over that, I'll show you my camera strap!


blissfullyus said... Best Blogger Tips

Great idea...I think I'll have to steal it!! I just ran across your blog today and it's super cute. Feel free to follow mine at:

ChavezHp said... Best Blogger Tips

seriously can i ask for your help with making my headboard and curtains. im beyond nervous hahaha

Legally Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips

That is so cute and handy and MUCH more attractive than normal camera cases. You are so crafty! :)

Ruth said... Best Blogger Tips

It looks cute

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