Wednesday, March 30

Feelin' Good...

Guess what! I worked out last night! I know....Doug couldn't believe it either. I did one of the 10 minute videos, "Buns and Thigh Blast", on demand. So, my plan is to do a video on Tuesdays and Thursdays, then in a few weeks I'll bump it up to 2 videos. I'm definitely feeling it today! Buns of steel, baby!

Also, do any of y'all (in Atlanta) listen to The Bert Show? Well, it's my favorite and it's the only reason I enjoy mornings. This morning, Doug's coworker, Miranda, was on there (at 7:45) to talk about Share the Dress! I talked about this here, and she has done an incredible job of turning this great idea into a reality. I am volunteering this weekend as a "personal shopper" and I'm so excited!! They still need about 100 dresses, so if you have any, check out the drop off locations on their page!

Last Sunday, I volunteered with WAG to help run their bowling event, since I had just organized one for Bliss in November. It was so much fun and definitely a success!

It was called Kats vs. K9s, and it was a "challenge" to see which team would raise more money- cats or dogs. They even bought these costumes to scare entertain children. It was hilarious.

They also had a cake donated for the event....and we couldn't get ahold of ourselves when we saw the "cat" and "dog"....that's all I'll say about that. :-)

The cats ended up winning, and WAG raised a ton of money! Winning!



Miss Southern Vol said... Best Blogger Tips

Sooo... I have been working with an organization back in Tennessee that does the same thing with prom dresses. i've given at least 10-15 dresses from prom, college formals, bridesmaids dress etc... such a good cause :)

Brandi Nell said... Best Blogger Tips

I heard Doug's co-worker this morning! I recently donated all of my old prom/formal/bridesmaid dresses to a similar organization. I just know they will reach their goal very soon! xoxo

meghan said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats on the workout video! I am doing Jillian's Shred!

Legally Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats on keeping up with your workouts! Although - based on that picture you posted - you have absolutely NOTHING to lose, you lucky duck you.

Hope you're having a great week!



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