Wednesday, March 2

iphone or itouch?

I'm hoping y'all can help me! For my birthday (in less than 3 weeks!) I am wanting an itouch. Well, first I wanted an iphone, then I wanted an itouch, now I'm considering the iphone again.

The only thing that holds me back from getting the iphone is the extra $30 that you have to pay for the internet each month. On the itouch, you have free wi-fi and most places have wi-fi by now.

I just looked at some reviews of Verizon's new iphone, and many people said that the battery life isn't great....any thoughts on that if you have one?

I am due for a new phone since I've had the same one for over 2 years, so does that take down the price at all?

This is the phone I have now. Surprisingly, I do love the simplicity of it, but since I am an obsessive email checker, I am really looking forward to being able to do that while I'm out.

So, if you have an iphone, do you think it's worth an extra 30-something bucks every month? How's the battery life? What should I do!?


amylu said... Best Blogger Tips

Julie- I just got the iphone a month ago and I'm obsessed with it. The battery life isn't as good as my old phones but I haven't run into a problem with it really. I've never had it die on me or anything. I love love love it.

Kelley said... Best Blogger Tips

i honestly couldnt live without my iphone. its sad, but so true. Be prepared if you get one to never want another type of phone haha.

Mrs. McCracken said... Best Blogger Tips

Julie- I would not be able to live without my iPhone 4. (I also have an iTouch and a Macbook so I am all sorts of Mac lover) I get how the iTouch is great, but really I have not even used it since I have had an iPhone. Why have a phone and an iTouch when there is such thing as BOTH in ONE!
I am obsessed with the iPhone 4. I could not live withot it. And it doesnt have bad battery life... I am on it ALL. DAY. LONG. texting and checking email at work... I even have facetime with JM at lunch.
Bottom line- get the iPhone. You will love it!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I never even wanted an iPhone but my husband kept insisting that I needed one so I got one (for my birthday!) just to keep him quiet. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE IT and could not live without it. It is SO DEFINITELY worth the data fee. GET IT and DON'T HESITATE!!! It will change your life!
NOTE: My husband got an iTouch a while back and it didn't do what he thought it would. He now has an iPhone and also LOVES it!!!
~Mrs. Duggan

Bridget Bohannon said... Best Blogger Tips

My vote is for you to get the iPhone... sorry! Yes, I know you pay the $30 a month, but I have used mine SO many times when there was no wireless (especially driving down the road).

What if you need to use the Maps function (basically a GPS) while driving? If you only had the iTouch, you'd have to find a place that had wifi, pull over, and park there to use the function and see where you're going. And you won't always be able to find a place that has wifi.

The iPhone is also helpful when wifi is not available and you want to find a store, restaurant, or other business.

I use mine to check my email as well, and I can't imagine having to find a place that had wifi every single time I just wanted to look up an address or some info somebody emailed me. To me, it's worth the $30.

Braden works for Apple. I can ask him about the differences between the Verizon iPhone and the AT&T iPhone (including battery life)... Will get back to you!

meghan said... Best Blogger Tips

There is no doubt that it is worth the extra $30. Holy moly. I'm in love with mine. I would feel completely disconnected from the world without it. I know it might sound over the top, but sometimes I hold it like a baby and think how glad I am to know that at any moment anywhere I can check email, twitter, facebook, blogger, read from my kindle, check the weather, look up a phone number, text someone, or call. Goodness. You MUST get it.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I am glad you did a post on this because I will be asking myself the same question come June when I'm due for an upgrade! All of the comments are good to know. I am having trouble deciding between a Droid & an Iphone now though since Verizon has both. I have heard great things about both!

Katie @ Miss Klohn's Classroom said... Best Blogger Tips

I have an itouch and love it, but I will more than likely be getting an iphone too when I start teaching in the fall depending on where I am located since they have service just about everywhere with AT&T.

Ashley said... Best Blogger Tips

I just upgraded to the Iphone 4 and the battery life is way better than the 3GS. Here's the thing...the battery runs out because you play with it literally 24/7. Old phones last long because all you do is text & talk- simple. The iphone just goes and goes and goes until YOU decide your bored. I think you will seriously regret getting the iTouch because then you will be carrying 2 devices around with you always. And eventually you will get sick of that and you'll get the iPhone. Mark my words ;)

Ruth said... Best Blogger Tips

I never thought I would use all the extras with the IPhone but my friends convinced me to get it and I am still in love with it. The battery will last longer if you go to settings and turn off the always searching for WiFi.

Elle - The Violet Reaction said... Best Blogger Tips

I've never had or used an iPhone so I can't say anything about that, but I do have an iTouch and I love it. The battery life sucks when you're using internet, though, but I don't know if that's the same on the iPhone.

New follower! Love your blog. :)

Bree said... Best Blogger Tips

I switched from a Blackberry to an iPhone4 a few months ago and I LOVE it. And the apps? That just seals the deal. It's amazing in my opinion. But the battery life? yeah, not gonna lie, it sucks. Maybe I just use it too much, but it lasts a day, sometimes less.
One more thing, at first I debated putting music on my phone because I thought it would kill the battery even more, but sometimes I'll be out listening to music for like an hour, and the battery barely moves. I was impressed!

Bridget Bohannon said... Best Blogger Tips

Just a side note: even if you play with the iPhone 24/7 and you run down the battery before you're done for the day, it charges up SUPER fast. One of my old Verizon phones had to charge several hous before getting a completely full battery again, so I could only charge it overnight. My iPhone charges so quickly, I haven't even timed it. It has to be less than an hour to charge it from 0% battery to 100% battery.
Just FYI :)


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