Wednesday, April 20


I'm loving that I just bought our tickets to go see Water for Elephants on Friday! I'm also loving that I got the Living Social deal for it a while back, only paying $10 for $25 tickets!

I'm loving that the Royal Wedding is next week! I have a mild extreme obsession with all things Royal Wedding, and I cannot wait to see Kate's dress! She is just stunning and so classy!

I'm loving that this weekend is Easter, and we are going home to spend time with our families!

I'm loving that on my long to-do list, one of the items is to get a pedicure. Sometimes a girl just needs a little pampering!

I'm loving this face

and this face

oh, and this face, too :)
(the one on the right)

And....I'm loving THIS. Enough said.

On the other hand, I'm NOT loving that Brad and Emily already broke up! What the heck! I can't say that I'm surprised though...that ATFR was pretty tense!

We're over half way through the week!! Wahoo!


Brandi Nell said... Best Blogger Tips

I have an obsession with the Royal Wedding as well. Hubs was laughing so hard at me gushing over the B.Walter's special the other night!

Miss Southern Vol said... Best Blogger Tips

Wait for real AGAIN broke up!?! Where did u see that! DANG IT

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I would like to know where you saw that they broke up as well!! That makes me so upset! Last I heard she was planning to move to Austin with him! Boo.

Jen Watts said... Best Blogger Tips

Why in America are we so caught up in Brad and Emily???? I really wanted them to work out :(

Can't wait to hear what you think if the movie.. I haven't even started the book yet.

And I'm completely obsessed with the royal wedding also! Were having a little royal wedding party and I recorded the lifetime movie last night-ridiculous!!

Megan said... Best Blogger Tips

I am so sad that they broke up. I might have shed a few tears. Okay, not really, but I really am so sad. I loved them.

Great deal on your movie tickets for only $10! That's awesome!!

Michaela said... Best Blogger Tips

The latest magazine I read said they were still together! Weird.

I love getting my nails done (: Hooray for Water for Elephants! I cannot wait to see it!

*Kelly* said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks so much for becoming a follower of our nice!!

I am loving all the things you love. The Royals, cute doggies, that icecream sandwich thingy. And I am planning on having a pedicure this week!!!!!

Can't believe Brad and Emily broke up.

Meghan said... Best Blogger Tips

I hope you enjoy your relaxing weekend! Happy Easter!

Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

Heck yeah on the pedicure! I read all of Water for Elephants while in the car on the way to Parris Island. I cannot wait to see it!! What a cute picture of Pep! HAHA!

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