Friday, May 20

Friday Ramblings

  • Our 1 year wedding anniversary is on Sunday, which means.....We finally get to eat our cake!! :) We have a fun-filled weekend ahead but can't make the last decision. What movie should we see, Bridesmaids or Pirates 4? I've heard good things about both! Help!
  • I picked up some Loreal sunless tanning wipes this week...I'll let y'all know how I like them!

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  • Sweet Doug sent me these beautiful flowers at work! Lilies are my favorite, but I can't have them at the house since they are poisonous to cats. So I get to enjoy them here all day long! Plus they smell ah-mazing.
  • I had Thai food for the very first time today. For some reason, I always associated Thai with Tofu and the thought of it grossed me out, but I learned that they are two different things. It was really good!
  • Big news: I'm planning to wear lipstick this weekend. This never happens.
  • Clearly, I have nothing good to talk about. I apologize for rambling on about Thai food and lipstick. I think this post just needs to end.
Happy weekend!


Jenn W. said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy eating the topper of your cake. I think you should see Bridesmaids. My husband would probably vote for Pirates.

Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

Take a picture this weekend! Must document the lipstick. Haha! Those flowers are BEAUTIFUL! Have a great weekend!

Lesley Anne said... Best Blogger Tips

Anniversaries are so fun! I hope y'all enjoy celebrating this weekend. And that was so sweet of Doug to bring you the same flowers from your bridal bouquet. He's a keeper that one!

Kelly said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Anniversary! And btw....Bridesmades = hilarious! It may have slightly emasculated Matt to drag him to it...worth it! :)

Megan said... Best Blogger Tips

Awwww, happy first anniversary!!!!! That's so exciting!! Definitely let me know about those wipes. I'm so needing a tan.

Married In Chicago said... Best Blogger Tips

happy anniversary! i love love love thai food - what did you get? my favorite is pad see ew (no idea if that is the right spelling!). You can get it with chicken or beef :) Also, my vote is for bridesmaids. I've heard its hilarious and it would be funny to see a wedding themed movie around your anniversary!

Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

See Bridesmaids! I just got back and it was pretty funny. Plus, I found a new slice of Man Meat for Monday!

Legally Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Anniversary! What beautiful flowers; Doug is so sweet! I hope you have a great time celebrating ! :)

Heather Nelsen said... Best Blogger Tips

You are so cute! Happy early anniversary!!! :)

Miss Southern Prep said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy early anniversary! My mom saw Bridesmaids the on Saturday and she said it was wonderful!

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