Monday, May 16

The Graduate...Almost

This weekend, we celebrated Doug's graduation from grad school! He is getting his MBA from UGA, and although the graduation ceremony was on Saturday, he is not technically finished until July. But my smart little cookie of a husband has gotten all A's so far, and I have no doubt that he will finish the same way!

Doug and the Dean

The ceremony honored 1,000 students (undergrad and graduate) and they called every.single.person. by name. We may or may not have snuck out, walked to get icecream, watched the SEC track meet, and came back before they were even finished. Poor Doug had to stay for the whole thing though!

Doug, his brother, and his dad

I love this picture!

Congratulations baby! You did it!!! (Almost! :)


Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

YAY DOUG!!! Congrats!

I don't blame you for sneaking out, though. You two make such a beautiful couple! *sigh*

Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

So exciting!!! Congrats, Doug :)

I may or may not have snuck out of both my sisters' graduations from Purdue to do the exact same thing...that is just TOO long to sit and watch people you don't know!

Sophie said... Best Blogger Tips

this is so exciting!! my boyfriend finishes his exams next friday but his graduation isnt until end of july so its the opposite to Doug! love all the photos x

Lai Yen Yi said... Best Blogger Tips

wow ...congrats . the last pictcure is absolutely cute.

Megan said... Best Blogger Tips

Awwww, how exciting!! Congratulations!! Graduations can be SO boring. I cannot imagine listening to one with that many people being called! Ours only had about 400.

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