Tuesday, May 24

Wedding Week: You're Invited

In honor of our 1st wedding anniversary last Sunday (May 22nd), I decided to do a fun little thing called Wedding Week. My college roommate and BFF, Lesley Anne, did this on her blog and I loved it. So get ready, I am going to document all of the big wedding events on this little blog!

First up, the paper. I have very simple taste (I don't know why my parents laugh at me every time I say this, but I do!) and I prefer simple, classic looks. Since I had been planning this wedding since I was 5 years old, I knew exactly what kind of invitations I wanted. (Doug was a wonderful groom and let me pick out this stuff, since he knew it was way more important to me) After some searching, my mom and I found the perfect invitation for an awesome price.

(I didn't have an extra one laying around, so the framed one will have to do...it cuts off a little of the pink and the rest of the white border)

Next up...my showers and the bachelorette party!

Speaking of bachelorette...I have to include this picture. Here's my little Maisy Mae watching the Bachelorette last night.

And here she is sticking her tongue out at Chris Harrison.
I don't like him either, Mais.


Shelley said... Best Blogger Tips

Your invitation is so pretty and classic! I love it!

What are your thoughts on the season opener of The Bachelorette? I like Ashley, but I just don't understand some of her choices...especially Bentley...HELLO...someone already warned you about him....ugh.. haha!

Happy Anniversary! :)

Legally Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips

Your invitation is really lovely! I love the simplicity of it too - simple, timeless styles never get old!

Chris Harrison is so pointless. What is his purpose on that show at all!? Argh. Maisy is a fast learner - first episode and she already knows how ridiculous he is! :)

Lesley Anne said... Best Blogger Tips

YAY Wedding Week! I can't wait to read the rest!

Megan said... Best Blogger Tips

Awwww, I love the wedding week idea! So fun! I can't believe that y'all are coming up to 1 year already!! WOOHOO!!!!

Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

What a cute idea! Can't wait to hear more about your wedding :D


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