Monday, March 19

Leaving Again

It's my last night in Atlanta and I'm a little emotional. This trip has just been too short and has flown by too quickly. I don't think I could love California anymore than I already do, but it is still difficult to get back on that plane and leave this place that I will always call home. And it never gets easier, either.

Seriously, how can I say bye to these cute faces?!
Deuce loves to talk!
Charlie's favorite place to hang out :)
Lily, the princess
Luckily, I'll have these sweet ones waiting to greet me!


I've got some good posts coming up this week! Recaps on Vegas, seeing sweet friends, and the baby shower Mom and I threw on Saturday! Plus, it's my birthday week! (In my family, there are birthday weeks, not days) There will be fun to be had and cake to be eaten :)

Now, I'll leave you with my new favorite picture:


Stephanie said... Best Blogger Tips

I feel for you Julie! Have a safe flight home and yay for your birthday week!

Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

HAHAHAHAHA! That last picture is hilarious!

I don't blame you for being sad when you leave! I can't wait for your posts this week, though!

Also, Jenn calls it her BIRTHDAY MONTH! Hahaha...

Joey Hodges said... Best Blogger Tips

I hear you on the whole hating leaving home thing. I think that's been the hardest part for me about being married. There's just something about being in the house I grew up in with my parents. Happy Birthday Week! How fun!

Megan W said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the sprawled cat picture! We have a small dog and he LOVES to sit like that on the couch or when we sit outside on our little back porch and he gets hot. Cracks me up every time :)

Erin said... Best Blogger Tips

HAHA- that cat picture is hilarious! Looking forward to hearing your Vegas recaps- hoping to visit there this fall for the first time! :)

Ps- I also celebrate birthday week, and sometimes the whole month! ;)

Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm certainly a big fan of Birthday Weeks instead of Birth Days! Might as well drag it out as long as you can!

Anna said... Best Blogger Tips

Awww...fur babies are the best!

That last picture is too funny!

Mrs.305 said... Best Blogger Tips

We do birthday weeks too mines coming up at the end of the month as well so enjoy!!! Love all the fur babies!

Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

bahahahaha! I love that cat! He is living the life :)

And happy bday week, lady!

Kira said... Best Blogger Tips

That last picture is hilarious! I hope your birthday week is real fun!

Leslie said... Best Blogger Tips

Love all these furry friends! First time stopping by and your newest follower!!

Britt said... Best Blogger Tips

I always feel that way when we fly back to LA too. It is hard to say goodbye. I can't wait to celebrate your birthday this week! Diddy Reise:)

Alex Byer said... Best Blogger Tips

I was saying "awww" through this whole post, and then I got to the bottom and I just LOL'd. But you do have some cuties waiting for you!

Megan said... Best Blogger Tips

Such sweeties!! It's always hard to leave home!

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