Thursday, March 29

Recent Happenings

These past few weeks have been so busy, I need to catch up on documenting it all!

-While I was home, I got to see 2 of my favorite people ever. Rachael is one of my best friends from high school, and she's also the cutest little thing you'll ever meet!

I also met up with Ashley (from Run With Me) again and I just adore this girl. She is one of the sweetest people I've ever known, and we talk non-stop each time we hang out! If you don't already follow her, do yourself a favor and head over there right now! Not only is she sweet, but hilariously sarcastic...such a good combination :)

My birthday last week may have been the best one yet! Ashley and I grabbed a Crumbs cupcake on our way to Jimmy Kimmel. The dulce de leche did not disappoint!
(Thanks Ashley for some of these pictures!!)

We had priority tickets, but apparently getting there at 5:01 instead of 5:00 meant that we had to go to the BACK of the general line. We were not happy about that (and neither were the 10 other people who had to do the same thing!) but I told the guy it was my birthday and asked if he could at least get us good seats! We were some of the last people to enter the studio, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they had reserved us 2 seats in the front! The staff there is SO nice, and every person that walked by me said "Happy Birthday!" It was really sweet :)

Kristen Chenowith and Jimmy Johnson were the guests on the show, and after the taping, they led us outside to a private concert by Neon Trees! (I didn't know who they were at first, but Ashley told me they sing that song 'Animal'....I'm sure you all know this...I'm really out of the loop when it comes to new artists. I know the songs but have no clue who sing them!) Anyways, they were awesome.

After the concert, we headed over to Westwood to meet Britney for dinner at Palomino. It may be my favorite new restaurant out here- I reeeeally want to go back for their pizza and pomegranate margaritas! We had such a great time, it's so nice to have real friends out here! (Ashley- I'm still angry that you are leaving in a week! Boo!)

For dessert, we walked over to Diddy Riese for their famous ice cream cookie sandwiches. Oh my goodness, it was heavenly!

Y'all, this cost $1.75. Unreal!

My celebration with Doug consisted of getting Diego on Saturday, and going to Harrah's in San Diego on Sunday. Such a great weekend!

-Lastly, Maisy and Diego are now best friends. It's so precious.

I got a cute little video of Maisy and Diego. Maisy is SO sweet and gentle with him...she makes me so proud! :)


jessica said... Best Blogger Tips

awwww i love seeing cats and dogs getting along. it's so cute.

that food looks AMAZING especially that ice cream and cookie. uh yum!!

Legally Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips

Awwww. Maisy and Diego! I with my Mac got along with Sally, but he just likes to chase her around.

Glad you had such a great birthday celebration! You are doing the coolest things (and eating the best food!) out there in California. Jealous, jealous, jealous.

Britt said... Best Blogger Tips

Thursday night was so much fun! If you come up again next week please let me know.

Alex Byer said... Best Blogger Tips

This looks so fabulous. I'm so glad you've been having such a good birthday celebration :)

Megan said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so jealous of all this blating and eating!!!! Come back to me!!!

Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so happy you had an awesome birthday weekend! All the food in this post is killing me...

Also, Jimmy Kimmel is so cute. I'm jealous you're practically friends with him. ;)

Rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Belated Birthday, Julie! Sounds like an amazing weekend!! (I am still drooling over that ice cream cookie sandwich...) :)

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