Thursday, October 21

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1

Day 1: introduce, picture, 15 interesting facts

Hello! I am Julie, and I am 22 years old. I graduated from the University of Georgia in May and married the love of my life 2 weeks later. My husband, Doug, and I live in Covington, Georgia with our sweet cat Mr. Pepper (who I am quite honestly obsessed with....a fact you already know if you have ever read my blog). I am also obsessed with animals in general, and I have recently become a volunteer for a local animal rescue. I also love TV, Nicholas Sparks books, Jesus, chocolate, cheese dip, and my family (in no particular order!) I am semi-new to the blog world, and I quickly became addicted to writing and reading others' blogs.

15 Interesting Facts

1. I majored in Sociology (a fact that I am always embarassed to say when asked). My whole life, I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. It wasn't until the end of my junior year in college that I realized I didn't want to teach anymore. Sociology was the quickest switch where I could still graduate on time. So that's why I have a major that can't get me a job!

2. I love milk. I drink many glasses a day, and I usually can't eat a dessert without it.

3. I don't really know how to cook. I mean, if I have a recipe in front of me, I can usually do okay, but I don't quite have that knack for it yet. I'm working on it though!

4. I am scared of the shower. During my junior year of college, I was stepping into the shower when I saw the biggest spider ever sitting in the tub. It was hairy and huge (probably the size of a golf ball), and it absolutely scared me to death. I have always been very very afraid of bugs, but this one just put me over the edge. Ever since then, I thoroughly check the shower before I get in.

5. I love to travel. I have been to Europe twice, and I am dying to go back again.

6. I am so excited to have kids. While it is several years away, I think about it a lot and get so excited about clothes, nursery themes, and baby names (which Doug and I always have fun discussing.)

7. I am so excited to start my photography "journey."

8. I have a messed up nose. The best word to describe it would be "hypersensitive," as just about anything will make me sneeze (about 30 times in a row!) No, it's not allergies. I had surgery last December to fix a deviated septum, but it didn't fix the problem. So I have an appointment in a few weeks with a different doctor...hopefully he can fix me!

9. I am a TV addict. My fall line-up is amazing, and I have even roped Doug in on a few shows!

10. My family is extremely important to me. I have lived in Marietta my entire life (except for college..but I was only an hour away) and I am very nervous about the possibility of an out-of-state move in our future.

11. I think I'm developing a bit of OCD. I have always had "OCD tendencies" but it has reached a whole new level. I can't rest until I know the apartment is basically spotless. I guess it is a good and a bad thing....especially for poor Doug!

12. My blog addiction was recently furthered by the Stats application. You can track how many hits each post gets, what countries they come from (so fun to get hits from China, Russia, etc.), and how they got to the blog. I loved it. And then it broke. It's been down for 2 weeks, and it's driving me CRAZY!

13. I love decorating. I could spend days in Hobby Lobby and Homegoods.

14. I am a Twihard. Don't judge if you haven't read them.

15. Friends will forever be my favorite show. I own all 10 seasons and have watched from beginning to end many times.


Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

Hahaha...I'm a Twilight fan, too. No judging here! I also love Friends! :)


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