Friday, October 1

Friday Ramblings

There is so much to say!
  • Pawpaw's surgery went surprisingly well, he is doing great now! Thank you so much for all the prayers!
  • We have decided to stay in the apartment we're in now.
  • That said, we are FINALLY moving the rest of our stuff to the apartment! We have a beautiful new bedroom suite that my parents bought us for our wedding gift, but it has been in boxes in my parents' basement. It has been killing me to not fully decorate the apartment all summer, and now I don't have to wait any longer! We are renting a Uhaul truck and making this place a home!
  • I just started watching Glee Season 1 and I love it!
  • Fall is here and so are my gorgeous new boots. I love this weather and the clothes that I finally get to wear!
  • While I was in Marietta, I went to Towne Lake Hills (the golf course where I used to work) and visited all of my friends there. I miss that place so much! If only we lived closer...
  • Thank goodness the fall TV season is here! My week is brightened by: Desperate Housewives, Sister Wives (strangest/most uncomfortable show I've ever seen but I can't help but watch), Castle, The Little Couple (in 2 weeks!), Modern Family, My Generation, Grey's Anatomy, and The Office.
  • Mom and I have been on a cupcake hunt. We first found our love of cupcakes when we went to Chocolate Pink in Midtown. Then Doug's mom told me about Gigi's Cupcakes, which were pretty dang good, too. We planned to go there again yesterday, but it is a bit of a drive so we went to a cupcake shop that was a little closer. It is called "Cloud 9," and they have cupcakes and fro-yo. The cupcakes looked amazing, but they really fell short of the other 2 places. Disappointing. Any other suggestions for cupcakes around Marietta?
  • We are going to the Lassiter vs. Walton game tonight. This is exciting because I went to Lassiter, and Doug went to Walton. Last year, we crushed Walton so hopefully we do it again (so I don't have to be ragged on all night!)


KatieB. said... Best Blogger Tips

Love your blog. Sad I didn't think to look up the football schedule. We live in the Walton district now, so that would've been a fun game. Cupcakes - Check out Cami Cakes in downtown Atlanta and Little Cake Bakery in Buckhead. Though, Gigi's is my fav ;)

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey girl so for some reason I cant figure out how to email you haha - Anyways, I wrote a post ( that talked about my camera, the camera I started with, and has some links to tutorials etc . . . if that doesn't answer your questions please feel free to email me anytime with more questions! :-)

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said... Best Blogger Tips

Katie- thanks for the suggestions! I will definitely check out those cupcake shops! The LHS games are so fun to go back to, it's going to be a yearly tradition for us to go to that game!
Becca- thank you so much for the help! I checked out that post and I will definitely use those websites for tutorials! :)


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