Wednesday, October 6

Dreaming of Pictures

Since I started blogging and reading blogs, I have been itching to get a real camera and learn how to take great photos. I got an awesome digital camera at one of my showers from my mom, and it is perfect to carry around everywhere. But, I am really wanting to learn how to take legit pictures. I want one of those big cameras that has a ton of settings that I don't know anything about. I've known that I wanted to do this before we have kids, and while that is still a ways off, I am getting antsy and want to start learning! There are only a few problems.

1. I have no idea what kind of camera to get. I don't know anything about settings, shutter speed, or any other camera lingo. Do you buy accessories? Do you edit pictures? What program do you use to edit? (I don't have a I need a Mac?) See? I'm lost!

2. They are EXPENSIVE! We were in Target the other day and I went over to look at them. We were both surprised when the average price was around $400-500! That is a whole lot of money!

3. I would have no idea how to use it once I got it. I don't even know how to work my simple digital camera. I only know how to turn the flash on or off.

So, are there classes that you can take? (that don't cost a lot more money?)

Any advice from you photographers out there? :)

Speaking of pictures, there will be some coming soon of our newly furnished apartment! Woo hoo!


Tara Gray said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey girl!! I'm so thrilled that you wanted to get into photography! It was not too long ago that I was in your same position. But you are asking all the right questions. Most people have a nikon or canon, and some will argue that their's is better than the other. But in my personal opinion, it's all about which one YOU like when you hold it. I have a Canon Xsi (fairly basic but still does a lot - $800) and LOVE it! You can buy slightly used equipment on for your first camera to learn on. Since you don't know a whole lot about photography, I wouldn't invest in a whole lot of bells and whistles until you get a good feel for your camera and the different settings. The standard lens that comes with most DSLRs (digital single-lens reflex camera - the one you want) is an 18-55mm. This means you can take pretty wide angle pictures (18mm) to slightly zoomed in (55mm)--much like a normal point a shoot camera does. This is a good lens to start out on to give you enough range. You don't need a Mac to have photography software. I recommend Adobe Lightroom to start off with instead of Photoshop because Photoshop can get VERY confusing fast and you won't use it to its full capabilities (and lightroom is about $400 cheaper!). I learned everything online. An extremely helpful website is I am subscribed to their daily emails and they send you tips and tricks regarding taking pictures and editing them. Another good way to learn is to just get out there and do it! Make mistakes and learn how to fix them. There is an automatic setting on the cameras that you can use at first to get a feel for the camera and then ween yourself off. Don't be scared to play around with it. I know this is a lot of information, but I hope this helps! Please feel free to email me if you have any more questions. Good luck!!

Mrs. McCracken said... Best Blogger Tips

T.Gray this helped me!!! and Julie I had been thinking of posting something like this soon! I want a new camera, have a mac, took photography in HS and 1 class in college... it is so fun and easy. Cannot wait to get a new camera! and you are so right about getting one before kids and all... that is what I am doing as well...
There is always the Holidays...

Lesley Anne said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this post! It's funny because I've been asking the same questions myself since I would love to have my own photography business really soon! Well and like you said, actually have good pictures of our pets and kids someday. Recently I discovered a new photographer that I LOVE, ee photography, and she has a great section on her blog about cameras, editing software, Mac vs. PC, etc.: I've also come across several photographers that recommend renting cameras and lenses from to "test-drive" what you might like, and for actual buying. And you're right, DSLRs are SUPER-expensive! The one that I want is a Canon 5D Mark II, but it is nearly $2500 just for the body. Needless to say I won't be getting that until Kyle has a Dr. in front of his name, haha! Let me know if you hear of any good photography workshops though, we should go together!

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! Thank you so much for all of the advice!! It makes it a lot less intimidating now that know where to start! LA- the renting thing sounds perfect! And you DEFINITELY need to start your own business! That would be so fun to do the classes together! It might be a little while til I get a camera though, they are so dang expensive!

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