Wednesday, October 6

Where Are You Christmas?

Is it too early to decorate for Christmas????

For one of my Christmas presents last year, Doug took me after-Christmas shopping to get all of the things we will need to make our home a Winter Wonderland. I got the most beautiful things ever! And it has been impossibly difficult to have them hidden in bins instead of displayed all over the apartment for the past year! Now that the weather is getting cold, I so badly want to get out those bins!

I love Christmas time. To name a few, I love sweaters and scarves, Starbucks, Christmas music (which I may or may not listen to year-round), giving gifts, fires and hot chocolate (sadly, we do not have a fireplace right now), and Christmas movies! Elf is one of my favorite all-time movies, as is The Holiday. The Family Stone is also a must-watch at this happy of time year.

Plus, Pepper is ready to get back in his Santa suit. Yes, he has a Santa suit. No, it probably won't fit anymore, but the hat will! :)


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