Friday, October 29

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 9 & Mutt Show

A Picture of Your Friends

Here is a picture of most of my close friends from the day before our wedding. It's definitely missing some great friends, but I love that so many people I love are in one picture!

Now for the weekend recap: The main event was Saturday morning...Doug and I went to the Covington 'Mutt Show'. And it did not disappoint!

They had several categories, including prettiest girl, most handsome boy, best dressed (our favorite), and best kisser.

All of the dogs were adorable, but there were a few that stole my heart. Like this one....OH MY GOSH she was cute!

We named this dog, "The Cloud"

This dog had a bonnet.

Yes, this dog is wearing goggles.

Uncle Sam.


They had 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of each category

However, the costumes and tricks were not the highlight of the morning...the ARREST was! I am always fascinated by people getting in trouble....I'm not sure why. Like at UGA football games, I would be so distracted if someone was getting escorted out. I always want to know what happened. So at the Mutt Show, I was of course intrigued when the police showed up. A huge man was talking to the cops by their car, and then he started to yell at them. They handcuffed him and took him away! Later, I found out the story...apparently, he had a pitt bull there (who was so sweet!) but he had been yelling and threatening a lady to sick his dog on her if she wouldn't stop her barking dog.

I managed to get a few pictures :) They aren't very good, but you can see a little between the 2 cars.

I hope everyone has a great Halloween weekend!


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