Friday, October 8

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!! Doug is 24 years old today! (Which he thinks is really old, but his co-workers got him a Toy Story cake because they think he is a baby! HA!)

I have been very excited to give Doug his presents for a while. We started the celebration last night when we met my parents in Atlanta at Baby Tommy's Taste of New York (the best NY style pizza in Atlanta!) Little did Doug know, the pizza party was just getting started! In my family, we don't do birthdays, we do birthweeks.

For Doug's birthday event/celebration, I have been planning a "Tour de Pizza," a week of Atlanta's best pizza. If you have ever met Doug, you know that pizza is one of his greatest loves. He eats it many, many, many times a week. So I figured, what would he love more than eating pizza for a week STRAIGHT!

I am pretty proud of my pizza-bike creation.

In the next week, we will be visiting 7 pizza restaurants, which have been reviewed as having the best pizza in Atlanta. They include Italian, New York, and Chicago-style pizza. Luckily for me, I chose a few places that serve things other than pizza, because while I do love pizza, it doesn't compare to Doug's love for it!
For Doug's present, I was so excited to finally get him an ipod! Obviously, he was pretty excited, too :)

This is the pizza from Baby Tommy's. Doug said it may be the best pizza he has ever had here. His other favorite in Atlanta (so far) is Zucca's, and we are going there tonight! I guess we'll see who wins!

Pepper hasn't given him his gift yet, but Pep got Doug a UGA leather wallet, which I know he will love! Tonight will be full of pizza, football, and chocolate chip cookies :)


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey guys! Big fan! I <3 Pep! Just curious -- what was your wedding song? John Mayer? ;) ;) ;)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG!! I <3 Pep too! In my dream wedding John Mayer steps out and plays "Love Song For No One" for my first dance THEN he fades right into "Daughters" for the father/daughter dance....Ahhhhhhh....I just gave myself chills. Now if I could just meet a guy like Doug!
Save "Your Body Is A Wonderland" for the honeymoon people!

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey guys! Thanks for reading! It's always nice to know someone is reading it other than my mom :) I wanted a John Mayer song for our first dance, but Doug wasn't so keen on that we compromised on "That's All" by Steve Lawrence (I wanted the Michael Buble version!) Do y'all have blogs? I would love to read them!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Julie! Sorry, don't have a blog. I actually first found yours looking for a certain favorite song of mine John Mayer did at Eddie's Attic (I live in Atl too!) I read some other posts and loved the crafts you made. I actually did the framed scrapbook paper idea in my family room!! So now I bookmark you and check back every few days! Anymore design ideas?!?
Thanks for being my friend I've never met!

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